old master,

hope letter finds you well or dead. from seven pilled hall i write. killed krand and suffered only jackals who follow me – banjo, chip dip, geico, reroll, chaos nut. first a tree feyg. wavin his arms. shit talkin. racist infants the feygs. man harpie with tits. kept showin us the tits. trimmed bush and black pussy. troll. bard cartwheels in clown hat. elf as troll club. ninja turtle heals. troll falls. rancor. use shield to crush rancor brain. feyg curses. to thunderspire hill. hallway long like schlong. lookin for vaginer. 8-bit link room. hobos and midget slave. slapped shit out of midget. bitches whine. slush elf takes mead. another clown dance. maps for sale. maps for sale. outstrengthed brug. bought poison gloves. hired guide called turok. stood around. bugbear. marlee matlin. fucked up chief. took poison quills. backdoored. tough cookie. room of illusion. coup-fourre platform. kicked dog in fire. parade for bard. took temblor warhammer. lizard – bracelets. lido – cock ring. silky kitty passed around. touch the eyes. guac pokes eyes in fancy crown. desecration. take tuareg idol.
chaos bolt. clap clap clap.



This is teh cool.


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