old master i hope this letter finds you well or dead. from the seven pillowed hall i write. success despite the weight of worthless parasites – reroll, guitard, faegnas, and backrow. found silver people in pits. duegars on roids. a lever. and a war priest rowdy token sage. close bursting discussions. reroll thrown into slave pit like a hentai princess. TENTACLES! twenty, twenty, twenty. chaos bolt. that is, bollllt. nofuckingringdings?! reroll jumps and twists. blinded. dark cloud. rowdy kills a bloody one from the dust. pushed toward the murky water. a radiant counter. faegnas kills someone. grabbing, blinding, tentacles, grabbing. hot. prone, slowed, restrained. hot. arcane extenstion – totally hot. faegnas kills another. a glass cone (feel it more than anything) – so hot. eating assid. guitard dying. jesus boots walks across. pulls lever. duggar king with clumsy fingers. try the lever. fail. again. fail. forest damage. lever destroyed. guitard’s flaming cartwheel. faegnas fingers the inner mechanism. nightmare whales. monstro! he’s a whale of a whale. skeletons. psychic resistance, poison attacks, and a squid. sea salt. reroll distracted. loss of healing surges. divine castration. faegnas effective. tersha and the whales. poison! uriah kills the king. tire iron bitch. dragon clock, hexblade, blightworm sword, clean armor, gold gym. escorts. chihuahuas and pig. fiero taken by gnolls. cutest little koala. dying hyena noise. GREAT SUCCESS! pig babies. white and zombies. bait brain. boar charge and thundercats. vulnerable. big tank zombie. got her diapers. faegnas directs villagers out of acid. more zombies. boar charge. th-th-th-that’s all folks.



old master,

hope letter finds you well or dead. from seven pilled hall i write. killed krand and suffered only jackals who follow me – banjo, chip dip, geico, reroll, chaos nut. first a tree feyg. wavin his arms. shit talkin. racist infants the feygs. man harpie with tits. kept showin us the tits. trimmed bush and black pussy. troll. bard cartwheels in clown hat. elf as troll club. ninja turtle heals. troll falls. rancor. use shield to crush rancor brain. feyg curses. to thunderspire hill. hallway long like schlong. lookin for vaginer. 8-bit link room. hobos and midget slave. slapped shit out of midget. bitches whine. slush elf takes mead. another clown dance. maps for sale. maps for sale. outstrengthed brug. bought poison gloves. hired guide called turok. stood around. bugbear. marlee matlin. fucked up chief. took poison quills. backdoored. tough cookie. room of illusion. coup-fourre platform. kicked dog in fire. parade for bard. took temblor warhammer. lizard – bracelets. lido – cock ring. silky kitty passed around. touch the eyes. guac pokes eyes in fancy crown. desecration. take tuareg idol.
chaos bolt. clap clap clap.


Chamber of Lord Padraig

As you enter Lord Padraig’s chamber, you also notice Valthrun the Prescient, some of Padraig’s men, and several other Winterhaven leaders.

“First, I must say that this town is forever in your debt for stopping the madness of that Kalarel. I doubt the citizens can even comprehend the great deed your group has accomplished for all of Nentir Vale,” Padraig begins. “Unfortunately, I need your group to embark on another journey as soon as possible. A nearby lakeside village, Riverdown, has had several citizens kidnapped. They are a small village and don’t have anyone who can stop the threat from happening again. The Bloodreavers is a group who sells slaves to the highest bidders and is responsible for this horrible act. Until recently, they have not dared come this far into our region and we’re not sure why they’ve started. Led by Chief Krand, an evil hobgoblin, they apparently have a base of operations in Thunderspire Mountain. One of the kidnapped, a young man named Fiero, fancies himself a suitor of my daughter. She wishes to see him returned in one piece. I just want to make sure you stop the threat. I will not allow this to happen under my watch.”

“To honor your fantastic victory and to better aid you on your new quest, should you accept, we have gathered a few items from our armory. I hope they serve you well.” Several of Padraig’s men carry a mix of items in the room as he approaches your group.

Padraig pulls out an old worn pair of boots and offers them to Grungeon. “Don’t let the looks fool you Dragonborn, these boots will give you the swiftest feet around water. They have even saved my neck a few times!” {Wavestrider Boots (lvl 4)}

He turns to Uriah and hands him a shield with a fierce lion standard on it. “I’ve heard of your specialty and this is the finest shield we have. Use it proudly as it has protected these lands for many years.” {Shield of Protection (lvl 3)}

“I’ve not know many bards who are adept with a sword Tersha, but I’ve heard of your tendency to speak poetry before slashing open a goblin or two. Bards are not to be taken lightly!” {Flaming longsword +1}

“We didn’t have much for wizards unfortunately, but we did find a couple of useful items,” Padraig says to Wor Draws handing him the gifts. {Tempest Fan +1 & Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1}

“Any ranger worth his salt must have an appropriate bow. We also found this brooch that will help protect you Vyden.” {Screaming Bow +1 & Brooch of Shielding +1}

To Linolanie, Padraig hands her some leather armor. “Like I said earlier, we don’t have much for spellcasters, but I’ve heard you recently learned to use this type of protection.” {Parchment Leather Armor +1}

“Valthrun will fill you in on more details of Thunderspire.” Lord Padraig motions to Valthrun the Prescient.

In a gravel voice caused by his recent brush with death, Valthrun addresses your group. “Beneath the stormy peak of Thunderspire Mountain lies a Labyrinth, an ancient, ruined minotaur city. For over two decades, an order of wizards called the Mages of Saruun has controlled the Labyrinth’s upper levels, creating a relatively safe haven called the Seven-Pillared Hall. Here, underground denizens come to trade with the mages and with a small number of surface-dwellers who are in the know. Humans, halflings, dwarves, duergar, goblins, orcs, troglodytes, and others come to the hall to barter under the watchfull eyes of the Mages of Saruun and their towering minotaur constructs. The mages have one rule in the Seven-Pillared Hall – maintain order. Visitors who leave the safety of the hall and venture into the Labyrinth do so at their own risk. For in the darkness of the Labyrinth, all bets are off and the truce enforced within the Hall has no bearing.”

“I have a colleague there studying the Labyrinth named Vadriar the Sage. Seek him out and he will help you out as much as he can. Here are a couple of maps to help on your journey; one created by Vadriar himself.” Valthrun hands you the maps and walks over to Linolanie. “For saving my life, I give you the Collar of Recovery (lvl 4). Thank you and I wish I could give you more.” He then turns to Tersha and hands her three rituals. “I heard you were looking for some specific rituals and I was able to find these three [Comprehend Language, Traveler’s Chant, Traveler’s Camouflage]. You will just need to take the time to learn them and pay for the components. Vadriar will probably know the other rituals you were interested in or at least where you can locate them.”

Valthrun addresses the group again, “I would also like to study those dragon statues you acquired in the Keep. I’ll give you 100 gold pieces for each of them. I don’t think they’ll have any effect outside of the Keep anyways, but I won’t know for certain until I study them. If they are more than they appear and you believe they will help you, I will sell them back to you at the same price.”

Padraig moves up to stand beside Valthrun. “I offer you 1,500 gold pieces for ending this threat. Krand’s head on a spike outside of the main gate will serve as a nice little warning to would-be oppressors . I understand you are weary, but it’s still possible to save the people of Riverdown if you act quickly. Please finish your business today and leave first thing in the morning. Eilian the Old wishes to buy you a round of drinks at Wrafton’s Inn. Celebrate today, but tarry not for I fear the Bloodreavers are growing stronger by the ten-day.”

Back at the Inn after your round of mead is delivered, Eilian the Old gathers your group in the corner of the bar. Looking over his shoulder to make sure no unwanted ears are listening, “I have two more tasks for you to complete. First, a personal quest. I’m sure Valthrun has told you about his buddy Vadriar.” Eilian the Old spits into a spittoon as he says the sage’s name with prejudice. “Many moons ago, my grandfather had a ring with a goat on it. It was passed down through generations of my family. When he passed on, the ring went missing. After years of looking for it, Vadriar came into town for one of his social visits to Valthrun’s tower and I happened to see the very ring on his finger. When I confronted him, he patronized me and laughed in my face. Vadriar was in town when my grandfather passed, and he was always snooping around my family’s estate. Get it back for me…at any cost. I will pay you 1,500 gold pieces. That’s about all my worth, but I’ll not let another in my family go to the grave before the ring is recovered.” Eilian uses the spittoon again to punctuate his point.

“The second is totally off the record and you didn’t hear it from me. Certain “powers” here are concerned about Fiero marrying into the Padraig family. He is known for his recklessness and general ineptitude for anything but picking up wenches and waking up in alleys drunk. If fate would have him not return, the “powers” would be most gracious for news of his passing…to properly bury him of course. The purse for such a discovery would probably net three times what I offer for the ring." Without saying another word, Eilian the Old spits one last time, missing the spittoon, and hobbles out of the bar.

Story So Far

The ruler of Griffin Peak Realm, the Lord of Balloons, commissioned a group of adventurers to serve as a peace offering to his neighbor in Winterhaven, Lord Padraig. Tersha, Linolanie, Uriah, and Krayden set out across the land arriving in Winterhaven just in time to help out with a kobold infestation. Krayden was called away on another duty, but Grungeon and Vyden joined the campaign. After earning Padraig’s trust by clearing out the kobolds and helping limit the damage of a massive town fire, the group embarks on a mission to find out the evil plans of the local Orcus cult. Wor Draws joined the cause and helped the party defeat Kalarel before the rift to the Shadowfell could be opened. The party has made it back to Winterhaven, but Lord Padraig is requesting a meeting that looks to be more than just salutations.


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